Opera Blocks is probably the best-known piece from EPOC’s series of Opera Opened Up,  a group of interactive presentations developed by EPOC over 14 years. The group includes Opera Blocks, Opera Hotpot, and Opera Quest.

Originally commissioned from EPOC by English National Opera, Opera Blocks has been seen by over 100,000 people in over 300 schools, festivals, and theatres. Written originally for children but now loved by adults, it lasts one hour, is performed by two singers and a pianist, can be performed to up to 400 people at a time, and uses excerpts from at least 25 operas.

Opera Blocks is in three parts:

  • an introduction to the ‘building blocks’ of opera
  • a ‘pocket’ sing-a-long opera with children as the main characters
  • an unscripted 15-minute opera improvised by our singers using suggestions from the audience